From idea into product

IntoProducts is specializing in product realization. We are in the business of taking an idea and turning it into a product which will then be mass-produced. 

The intention of IntoProducts is to give you a reliable support on the manufacturability of your product idea. IntoProducts has a worldwide network of suppliers using a wide range of production techniques. For IntoProducts, a new product is only truly complete when it can be produced without difficulties and has successfully found its way to the market. 

Arnoud Zweekhorst


Many innovational processes meet with difficulties as integral planning is missing. The goal of IntoProducts is to offer professional guidance in the field of several production processes. Because IntoProducts bridges the gap between you and the production industry your idea will be realized efficiently and goal oriented. We will work with you to form the entire process from idea to production.


We can deliver the complete products. Products we turn out are not limited to a single category. Apart from consumer products and products for the industry, we also oversee packaging, display, merchandise etc.

Plastic & Rubber

Steel & Aluminum


Wood & Bamboo

Glass & Ceramics



At IntoProducts we offer technical support which is directed to converting product ideas into real products. We can offer turnkey solutions. 

3-D data are easily communicated, keeping the client up to date with the state of progress at a very early stage in the development process. IntoProducts realize models and fully-working prototypes that not only have the functionality but also the appearance of the final product.

We negotiate the manufacture of production tooling, the organization of the production itself, as well as quality control and all other services in the field of production and realization. 

We have large experience in the field of tooling, molding, die-casting, punching, forming, assembly, PCB assembly, packaging and printing.


In the interests of our clients, IntoProducts takes an independent stance with regard to suppliers. 
With a worldwide network of suppliers using a wide range of production techniques we are able to respond fast and accurate to your wishes. 

Beside different relations with Dutch, Belgium, German and Polish suppliers there are factories situated in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, India and in the industrial area of China.

From an early stage up to and including the start of production, we carry out intensive consultation with the suppliers so that they achieve an optimal end result. Trouble-free cooperation over many years forms the basis for a flexible approach and a transparent manner of working. The selected suppliers have repeatedly demonstrated that they work to a high-quality standard.